Data Security features of Reporting software

dotnet Report Builder
3 min readJan 17, 2021


Security is a very important factor when using softwares that work online. It becomes more crucial when you are working with business data. There are many companies that handle clients whose data is very sensitive and has confidential information that must not be compromised at any cost for example health care or schools. Data is not only a valuable asset for such businesses but it is also an issue of keeping client trust. In all these cases and many more checking the security features is of utmost importance when purchasing any off the shelf reporting tool.

Image by Werner Moser from Pixabay

Let’s first look at the different levels at which security is required in a cloud based online software. The first level of security is at the process level which means that the whole process of running the reports and populating data in the reports at run time is secure and free of any breach. This is usually implemented by using different encryption algorithms. Data is encrypted at one end and decrypted at the other end using the same algorithm.

The next level of security is at the system or application level security. This type of security deals with defining the roles and users and giving access to the individual users for accessing the reports and which level user can access which type of report for example, a person related to HR would have access to payroll and employee related reports while a Data analyst would have access to financial reports. Proper authentication process is performed at the system level to ensure secure access to the data and reports.

The last is the data level security or also sometimes called row level security which ensures that the users assigned with the required permissions would view the specific rows of data according to their roles in the organization. This means that only data relevant to that user would be visible to the user and this would ensure that each data item is accessed securely without information falling into wrong hands.

Some of the best reporting tools available in the market strictly follow data security protocols by embedding their solution softwares directly into the business software installed in the client’s business. This does not leave any loophole through which data leak can take place and cater to secure data from common web vulnerabilities like fraud management and cyber security.

Many mvc reporting software employ additional security measures that coupled with the applications security model ensures safe usage of data and there is no risk of any compromise of data using these softwares. For example dotnet report builder allows admin to define user roles that map to specific permissions through which users can only see the data relevant to them. Another security feature is that dotnet report generator allows admin to separate reports based on different users. Another example is reporting tool called Sprinkle. Sprinkle employs row level and column level restrictions for end users, and also has permissions based on roles. All these security measures help keep business data secure and accessible only through the security channel created by the software.